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Contact Me

Tab Info
- Due to college I am currently not tabbing requests.....
- Please allow two weeks for me to recieve your request
- Please allow two weeks for me to actually tab your request (remember, your request is only one of many!)
- I do not tab bands, I only tab specific songs
- If your request is not posted on here within 4 weeks, several things may have happened:
- I did not recieve your request
- I could not find an mp3 of your song to download, listen to, and tab
- I could not find another website that also has the specific tab you requested
- I am behind in fufilling requests;or there are currently have an enormous number of requests
- E-mails that I recieve containing all capital letters or profane language will be deleted and not answered!!!!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail me: JARR449@aol.com

Peace, love, and all that other good shit.....
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